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작성일 Date : 14-02-07 23:18
2014 International Academic Conference "Diaspora in Southeast Asia and Multicultural Society
Writer : WADIS
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  첨부파일 2014 International Academic Conference_Diaspora in Southeast Asia and Multicultural Society.pdf (44.2K) [29] DATE : 2014-02-07 23:18:54

The Research Center for Overseas Korean Business & Culture of Chonnam National University in cooperation with the Institute of
the China Studies of University of Malaya and the World Association of Global Diaspora Studies will hold a international academic
conference 2014 with the subject of “Diaspora in Southeast Asia and Multicultural Society” on Februay 10, 2014 in Indonesia.
For more detailed informaion, please refer to the attached file. Thank you.
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