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"The World Association of Global Diaspora Studies (WADIS) is the platform for Global Diaspora Studies!"

The world is facing an unprecedented economic integration and spread of multiculturalism due to the ever-deepening globalization. Each country is expanding the scopes of its nations and strengthening its international competitiveness in order to respond the 'Era of migration' and the 'Era of Network’. In these fierce competition order, diaspora who is the dispersed ethnic group globally, is emerging as one of the important actors in the world.
As we all know, the increase of international migration so-called 'Globalization From Below,' makes the multi-layered networks centered on diaspora between home and host country and builds the communities among diasporas which is mixed up in the variety of cultures and hybrid identities. As a transnational actor beyond the territory of the modern nation-state, diaspora has emerged not only political, economical and cultural agenda but also research object whose analyzing levels are diversified. The discussions of diaspora have overlapped in different academic fields. So it is necessary to develop a systematic academic research approach with unique characteristics of this field. Therefore, we should develop an interdisciplinary research program and methodology, which can be triggered by the variety of subsequent studies.
In furtherance of these objects, the WADIS has been established with leading diaspora scholars from all over the world. The WADIS will be a platform of international academic accomplishments such as building network, sharing research achievements, and operating joint research project among members of the WADIS from different countries. As a result, the WADIS will contribute not only to find the regional integration and global communication model but also to broaden academic understanding and its horizons in the era of international migration and multicultural society for the development of the diaspora.