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작성일 Date : 13-06-11 11:41
1st Special Lecture on Global Diaspora
Writer : WADIS
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The 1st Special Lecture on Global Diaspora was held in August 31st, 2012 at Chonnam National University with the theme of “Global Diaspora in an Era of Globalization.” and presenter was Prof. Manas Chatterji (U.S.A., Binghamton University). He discussed the definition of diaspora, relationship not only migration and diaspora but also migration and development. He also discussed diasporas’ impact on homeland technological and economic development and tried to build quantitative and mathematical approaches to diaspora studies with Gravity models and socio-econometric models. After the lecture, we have talked about the WADIS to strengthen cooperation and he promised us that he will be unsparing of his support.
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