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작성일 Date : 13-06-11 11:44
2012 Chang Po-go International Conference
Writer : WADIS
Count : 15,496

2012 Chang Po-go International Conference on "Sea Merchants of East Asia and Global Diaspora Maritime Migratory Route" was held from 5th to 7th November, 2012 in South Korea. The WADIS co-organized the conference and the topic, more specifically, was about Global Diasporas’ migratory route and forming their ethnic community near coastal area for safety at the initiatory stage. 4 members of the WADIS have participated in; Prof. Angelo Ishi (Japan, Musashi Univ.), Prof. Aparajita Biswas (India, Univ. of Mumbai), Prof. Nailya Seisen (Kazakhstan, Kazakh National Pedagogical Univ. Abai), and Prof. Wu Xiao An (China, Peking Univ.). Besides, there was a meeting for the WADIS to introduce the program and progress in detailed at that time.
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