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Opening Ceremony
-  Ryu Jae-han(Chonnam National Univ.)
·Opening Speech
- Lim Chae-wan(Director, the Research Center for Overseas
Korean Business & Culture, Chonnam National Univ.)
·Welcoming Speech
- Kim Jong-sik(Governor, Wando-gun)
- Lee Bu-sik(President, Korea Maritime Foundation)
·Congratulatory Speech
- Park Joon-yung(Governor, Jeollanam-do Province)
- Kim Yeong-rok(Member, National Assembly)
- Kim Jeong-sool(President, Wando Country Council)
Keynote Address
- Kim Moon-kyoung(Soongsil Univ.), "Sea Merchants and Pirates of East Asia from 8th to 9th Century" 
Session I
- Kwon Deok-young(Busan Univ. of Foreign Studies)
- Lee You-jin(Soongsil Univ.), "Changpogo's Trade"
- Choi Keun-sik(Korea Univ.), "Sailing Route and Ships in Chang Pogo Period"
- Ko Kyong-sok(Naval ChungmuGong Leadership Center), "The Maritime Activity of Chang, Po-go against the pirates"
- Yun Jae-woon(Daegu Univ.)
- Jeong Jin-sool(Former Managing Director of Maritime Museum)
- Kang Bong-ryong(Mokpo National Univ.) 
Session II
- Cho Bum-hwan(Sogang Univ.)
- Kondo Koichi(Japan, Kyoto Sangyo Univ.), "Coastal Water and Waegu in East Asia"
- Yi Young (Korea National Open Univ.), "The Mechanism of the Invasion of Waegu(Japanese pirates) from late Koryo to early Chosun dynasty"
- Zhu Yafei(China, Shandong Noraml Univ.), "The Japanese Pirates and the China-Korea Trade in Ming Dynasty"
- Jung Dong-rak(Daegaya Museum)
- Lee Jae-bum(Kyonggi Univ.)
- Kye Seung-bum(Sogang Univ,) 
Keynote Address
- Kim Sung-hoon(Former Minister of Agriculture & Forestry, ROKG), "The Spirit of General Chang Bogo in the Globalization Era" 
Session IV
- Youn Hwang(Sunmoon Univ.)
- Angelo Ishi(Japan, Musashi Univ.), "Japanese-Brazilians and the new 'Brazilian diaspora'"
- Aparajita Biswas(India, Univ. of Mumbai), "Early India Enterprise and Indian Settlement in East Asia"
- Nailya Seisen(Kazakhstan, Kazakh National Pedagogical Univ. Abai), "Kazakh Diaspora in Modern World"
- Wu Xiao An(China, Peking Univ.), "The Early Maritime Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia: Ports, Routes, and Communities"
- Yim Young-eon(Kyunghee Univ.)
- Ahn Sang-wuk(Pukyong National Univ.)
- Kim Young-sool(Chonnam National Univ.)
- Li Dan(Pukyong National Univ.)