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Thursday March 21, 2013
Inaugural Session (10:00-11:30)
  • Welcome
  • Dr. B. Hariharan (Director, UGC Area Study Centre for Canadian Studies, University of Kerala)
  • Introducing the WADIS
  • Dr. Manas Chatterji (Professor, School of Management, State University of New York, Binghamton)
  • Presidential Address
  • Dr. Maya Dutt (Professor & Head, Institute of English, University of Kerala)
  • Inaugural Address
  • Shri Sashi Kumar Menon (Asian School of Journalism, Chennai)
  • Felicitations
  • - Dr. Mohanachandran Nair (Member, Syndicate, University of kerala)
  • - Dr. Jolly Jacob (Member, Syndicate, University of Kerala)
  • - Dr. Jameela Begum (Chairperson, Curriculum Committee, ASAP, Government of Kerala)
  • Vote of thanks
  • Dr. B. S. Jamuna (Director, CELT, Coordinator, UGC-SAP, Institute of English, University of Kerala)
Session II (11:45-13:15)
  • Chair
  • Dr. Joseph Dorairaj (Dept. of English, Gandhigram Univ.)
  • Presenter
  • - Shri Gouridasan Nair (Deputy Editor and Chief of Bureau The Hindu), "Diaspora and Media"
  • - Dr. Mridul Eapen (Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram), "Diaspora and Gender"
  • - Dr. Swati Ganguly (Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan), "Westward Ho!: The Diasporic Academia and Indian Postocolonial Studies"
Session III (14:00-15:30)
  • Chair
  • Ms. Beena Paul (Artistic Director, Kerala Chalachitra Academy)
  • Presenter
  • - Shri Harikumar (Film Director), "Diaspora and Cinema"
  • - Shri C. S. Venkteswaran (Associate Professor, Gulati Institute of Finance & Taxation, Thiruvananthapuram), "Diasporic Imagination in Malayalam Cinema"
Friday March 22, 2013
Session V (10:00-11:30)
  • Chair
  • Dr. Simon Thattil (Dept. of Commerce, University of Kerala)
  • Presenter
  • - Dr. Shaji Varkey (Dept. of Political Science, University of Kerala), "Chinese Diaspora in South East Asia"
  • - Dr. Arti Nanavati (Dept. of Economics, M. S. University Vadodara), "Trade, Migration and Foreign Direct Investment: Theory, Empirical Findings and Researchable Areas"
  • - Dr. Kalpana H. (Dept. of English, Pondicherry University), "Diaspora: Contexts of Culture"
  • - Dr. Samuel Kuruvila (Dept. of Political Science, University of Kerala), "The Palestinian Diaspora: Impact on the Palestinian-Israel conflict"
Session VI (11:45-13:15)
  • Chair
  • Dr. Fazeela Jameel Asham (Faculty of Management Studies, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka)
  • Presenter
  • - Dr. Cherian John (Dept. of English, Mar Ivanios College), "Narrativising Public space: Dynamics of the Chinatown"
  • - Dr. Vani K. (Dept. of English, KNM Govt Arts & Science College Kanjiramkulam), "Chiese Diaspora in Canada and US"
  • - Dr. V. Chithra Devi (Dept. of History HHMSPB NSS College for Women), "Indian Diaspora and Cross Cultural Conflicts"
  • - Ms. Sandhya J. Nair (Dept. of Political Science Govt College for Women), "Indian Diaspora in US: Bridging the two Democracies"
Session VII (14:00-15:30)
  • Chair
  • Dr. P.P. Ajayakumar (Professor, Institute of Distance Education, University of Kerala)
  • Presenter
  • - Dr. Anand K. B. (Dept. of English, VTM NSS Colllege Dhanuvachapuram), "Where do I Locate Myself?: Problem of Belongingness in Diaspora Literature"
  • - Ms. Liji Varghese (Dept. of English, All Saints' College, Thiruvananthapuram), "Negotiating Identities in Diasporic Mediascapes"
  • -Ms. Jeena Grace (Research Scholar, Institute of English, University of Kerala), "Diaspora and Apocalypse: Causal-effect and Chrono-Spatial Perspectives"
  • - Ms. Diana Prakash (Research Scholar, Institute of English, University of Kerala), "Geographical Displacement and Chimeric Identity in Caterina Edward's Becoming Emma and Homeground"