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『International Journal of Global Diaspora Studies』Submission Guidelines

All submission should be made online at http://wadis.or.kr. New users should first create an account. Manuscripts may be submitted in MS Word. These files will be converted into a PDF file for the review process.


  • Manuscripts submitted to the WADIS will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Authors can submit Manuscripts all through the years.


  • The length of the text normally should not exceed 7,500 words. Wide margins should be left all around the text on each page, including at least 4 cm on the left-hand margin. All pages, including Notes, References and tables, should be numbered.
  • A standard typeface (Times New Roman) is preferred. Articles should be written in English. UK or US spellings maybe used with ‘-ize’ spellings as given in the Oxford English Dictionary. Use a clear readable style, avoiding jargon. Abbreviations and technical terms must normally be explained in the text.
  • Manuscripts are divided into sections, which must be arranged in the following order: Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgments, References, Tables, and Figures.
  • Each manuscript should contain;
    • - Title page with full title and subtitle (if any). Full name of each author with current affiliation. Full contact details and short biographical note should be supplied on last page.
    • - Abstract of 100-200 words and around 5 key words.
    • - Main text should be clearly organized, with a clear hierarchy of headings and subheadings. A hierarchy of headings and subheadings should not normally exceed three levels. Section headings should be emboldened, indented, and run in with the text.
    • - End notes is necessary which should be signaled in the text by superscript numbers and provided as a list at the end of the manuscripts.
    • - Acknowledgements should avoid identifying any of the authors prior to peer review.
    • - References should be cited in the text by author and date (name, date). The corresponding list of References should be typed or printed separately double-spaced at the end of the article beginning on a new page and titled merely ‘References’; this title should be left-justified. The list should be alphabetical by surname of author or first co-author and should be in the style of the following examples.


Books (or reports): One Author

  • Author Last, First. Year of Pub. Title. Location of Publisher: Publisher
  • GLAZER, N. 1997. We are all multiculturalists now. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

Book: Two or More Authors

  • Author Last, First, and Author First Last. Year of Pub. Title. Location of Publisher: Publisher.
  • Castles, S, and M. J. Miller. 2009. The Age of Migration. New York: The Guilford Press.

Book Chapter

  • Author Last, First. Year of Pub. “Title of Chapter/Article.” In Title, edited by First Last, inclusive page numbers. Location of Publisher: Publisher.
  • Wells, Ida B. 1995. “Lynch Law in All its Phases.” In With Pen and Voice: A Critical Anthology of Nineteenth-Century African-American Women, edited by Shirley Wilson Logan, 80-99. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press.

Electronic Books

  • Author Last, First. Year of Publication. Title. Location of Publisher: Publisher. URL.
  • Welch, Kathleen E. 1999. Electric Rhetoric: Classical Rhetoric, Oralism, and a New Literacy. Cambridge: MIT Press. http://www.netlibrary.com.

Print Journal Article

  • Author Last, First. Year of Pub. “Title.” Journal Name volume # (issue #): inclusive page numbers.
  • Sheffer, G. 2006. “Homeland and Diaspora: An Analytical Perspective on Israeli-Jewish Diaspora Relations.” Ethnopolitics 9 (3): 379-399.

Online Journal Article

  • Author Last, First. Year of Publication. “Title.” Journal Name volume # (issue #): inclusive page numbers. Accessed date. URL.
  • Jobe, Karen D. 2000. “Women and the Language of Hackerdom: The Gendered Nature of Hacker Jargon.” Kairos 5 (2): 301-333. Accesses January 15, 2014. http://english.ttu.edu/kairos/5.2/binder.html?coverbweb/jobe/ women&hackerdom.htm.

Dissertations and Theses

  • Author Last, First. Year of Pub. “Title.” Type of Thesis, Awarding Institution.
  • Marchi, L. 2011. “Creolizing Diaspora: Home and Identity, Language and Hospitality in Arab Diasporic Literature.” Ph.D diss., University of Trento.


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  • McDonald’s Corporation. 2008. “McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts.” http://www.mcdonalds.com/corp/about/factsheets.html.