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『The Journal of Global Diaspora Studies』Instruction for Authors


  • The Journal of Global Diaspora Studies (JGDS) is an international journal in the English language, published by the World Association of Global Diaspora Studies (WADIS). JGDS is intended for publishing of research articles on all aspects of Global Diaspora.


  • Authors are requested to submit via online submission system at http://wadis.or.kr Submission of an article implies that it has not previously been published in a journal and it is not being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere. Submitting all articles to the journal must comply with instruction. Otherwise, manuscript will be return or possible delay in publication. If accept an article, authors are requested to transfer the copyright of the article to the publisher.


  • JGDS reviews all received manuscripts. First, the format of a manuscript is reviewed and then it is sent to two most relevant reviewers who are recommended by the Editorial Board members or from the Board’s specialist database. Authors’ name and affiliation are removed during peer reviews.
  • Acceptance or rejection of a manuscript is decided based on the critiques and recommended decision of the reviewers. A reviewer may recommend “acceptance without revision,” “acceptance after minor revision,” “review again after revision,” or ‘rejection.” If there is discrepancy in the decisions between two reviewers or between the opinions of the author and reviewer(s), the editor may send the manuscript to another reviewer for additional comments and a recommended decision. Three times of “review again after revision” are regarded as a “rejection.” The reviewed manuscripts and decisions of the reviewers are masked. A final decision on acceptance or rejection for publication is forwarded to the corresponding author from the Editorial Office. The peer review process usually takes three to five weeks after submission the manuscript.
  • Revisions should be made reflecting comments made by reviewers. The revised manuscript should be resubmitted via E-mail. Failure to resubmit the revised manuscript within 1 month without any notice from the corresponding author is regarded as withdrawal. The corresponding author must indicate clearly what alterations have been made in response to the reviewer’s comments point by point. Acceptable reasons should be given for noncompliance with any recommendation of the reviewers.

Editorial Office

  • Tel: +82-62-530-2701
  • Fax: +82-62-530-2707
  • E-mail: infor@wadis.or.kr
  • Website: www.wadis.or.kr
  • Mail address: 500-757, Chonnam National University 300 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, Korea

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